The nine Offices of the Heart of Jesus

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                               The Nine Offices of the Heart of Jesus

                             that the Servant of God teaches us to live as she did.

                         In union with Our Lady, Saint Joseph and the 9 Angelic Choirs



1.        Lover: With the Seraphs Choir: to love the Heart of Jesus ardently in order to indemnify

Him from the offences of the consecrated people. To do everything with love.

      2.   Pupil: With the Cherubs Choir. to listen and practice the Teacher´s lessons. Recollection   

          to be faithful to divine inspirations

      3.    Promoter: With the Thrones Choir: to glorify the Heart of Jesus, promoting his knowledge

          and love.

      4.     Worshiper: With the Dominations Choir. to worship Our Lord deeply, always and


5.   Victim: With the Virtues Choir: to appease God´ s wrath, irritated for our sins. Interior

and exterior mortification.

6.   Repairer: With the Powers Choir: to repair the offences that Jesus receives, especially in

the Holy Sacrament.

7.   Guardian: With the Pricipalities Choir: to work for the establishment of the Kingdom of

        the Heart of Jesus which is more and more spread and absolute.

8.    Slave: With the Archangels Choir: to lead an eminently Eucharistic life. To pay visits to

The Sagrary

      9.     Imploring:With the Angels Choir: to pray to the Heart of Jesus for everybody. To pray

with total confidence for the needs of the whole world, especially the spiritual needs