The nine Offices of the Heart of Jesus


El Amante


She was so closed to the Heart of Jesus in everything she did, that in any difficulty she invariably repeated:

"It doesn't mean any effort to me. I can do this. I am not aware of such thing. Everything is all right. I do not need anything... Cold and heat bless the Lord...."
Mother Conception

 The Nine Offices of the Heart of Jesus


                                        that the Servant of God teaches us to live as she did.

                                 In union with Our Lady, Saint Joseph and the 9 Angelic Choirs


1. Lover. With the Seraphs Choir. 

To love the Heart of Jesus ardently in order to indemnify Him from the offences of the consecrated people. To do everything with love.


2. Pupil. With the Cherubs Choir.  

To listen and practice the Teacher´s lessons. Recollection to be faithful to divine inspirations


3. Promoter. With the Thrones Choir. 

To glorify the Heart of Jesus, promoting his knowledge And love.


4. Worshiper. With the Dominations Choir. 

To worship Our Lord deeply, always and everywhere.


5. Victim. With the Virtues Choir. 

To appease God´ s wrath, irritated for our sins. Interior and exterior mortification. 


6. Repairer. With the Powers Choir. 

To repair the offences that Jesus receives, especially in the Holy Sacrament.


7. Guardian. With the Pricipalities Choir. 

To work for the establishment of the Kingdom of the Heart of Jesus which is more and more spread and absolute. 


8. Slave. With the Archangels Choir. 

To lead an eminently Eucharistic life. To pay visits to The Sagrary


9. Imploring. With the Angels Choir. 

To pray to the Heart of Jesus for everybody. To pray with total confidence for the needs of the whole world, especially the spiritual needs.