Consecration to the Sacred Heart




She was so closed to the Heart of Jesus in everything she did, that in any difficulty she invariably repeated:
"It doesn't mean any effort to me. I can do this. I am not aware of such thing. Everything is all right. I do not need anything... Cold and heat bless the Lord...."
Mother Conception


Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus



Most sweet Heart of Jesus, King of love! Through your Mother and mine, the Holy Virgin Mary, I gladly accept the pact that you proposeto me: That you look after me and my things and I look after you and your glory.


I put everything in your hands: my family and all my affairs; my body, my senses, my health and my life, my soul and faculties, my virtues and merits; my own salvation and sanctification. Look after me.


Instead, I will look after you, glorifying you as much as I can. I promise to help with communions, masses, rosaries and prayers, patiently suffering the ordinary crosses of life. I will faithfully fulfil my status obligations: with my propoganda, example in word or wrinting, giving you as much glory and repairing as I can. I would like to spread your Kingdom of love throughout the world. Make of me a most perfect lover and apostle of yur most loving Heart. 




All be for you, most Sacred heart of Jesus!  

Sacred Heart of Jesus, i trust in you! 

Sweet Heart of Mary, be our salvation!