Biographical notes


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She was so closed to the Heart of Jesus in everything she did, that in any difficulty she invariably repeated:
"It doesn't mean any effort to me. I can do this. I am not aware of such thing. Everything is all right. I do not need anything... Cold and heat bless the Lord...."
Mother Conception


Biographical notes
She was born on 25 April 1905 inf Palma Majorca (Balearic Islands, Spain). She has as much as she may wish: wealth, comfort and social influence. She was passionately fond of reading, cinema and sports. At the age of 22 she fell radically in love with Jesus. She entered Carmel the following year. She leaves absolutely everything for Him.
From the first moment, she devoted herself to sanctity by keeping the Rule and Constitutions with a constant and increasing effort "without mitigation till death"
She consecrated to the Heart of Jesus for life and established her dwelling in Him. There she found unalterable peace and joy of heart, changing her own will and comfort to collaborate in the redeeming work of the Beloved.
She was a mirror of humility and complete forgetfulness of herself; she was a a good mother for everyone, always ready to help others in any need. She hid in the darkness of community life, up to the point of making her generous surrender something sweet and connatural. Her equanimity was very remarkable, always radiating peace around her.
She lived in Carmel for 70 years, "immensely happy". On 7 February 1999 she gave her soul to God at the age of 93. Her death was accompanied by special signs and favours. Ten years after her death the process of Canonization was opened.
"A life which is lived in the Heart of Jesus is so holy and beautiful!"